Total Transformation 1-2-1 Alignment Journey

Total Transformation 1-2-1 Alignment Journey

6 months – £3000 | 3 x £1100


This Total Transformation Programme is about creating significant lasting change. It’s a journey that will help you develop your trust and belief in yourself, and in your knowing that the Universe always has your back.


You’ll experience a combination of laser-focused channelled Q&A sessions, powerful high frequency healing energy, intuitive guidance, and you’ll learn the mindset and energy tools you need to generate significant, positive transformation that will impact your whole life.


It will help you deepen your connection with your Higher Self and inner guidance and expand your awareness of what’s possible for you.


Your inherent power and knowing will help you clear the fog of your mind, revealing a clear vision of your true desires, and the right next steps to take.


This is about being deeply and safely supported, being reminded of your Greatness whenever you fall into self doubt, and learning to break free from the habit patterns of your mind. 


This is for you if you want:

•   More joy, love, fun, balance, freedom and fulfilment.

•   Help with visibility issues, lack of self worth, self belief and self trust.

•   To break through fear, limiting beliefs and energetic blocks to success.

•   To approach your life and/or business from a spiritual perspective.

•   The confidence and clarity to be a leader or influencer.

•   To feel clear of distractions and confusion.

•   To deepen relationships that serve you, and transform those that don’t.

•   To dream bigger and act bolder.

•   Regular personal help, guidance and support to see you over the bumps.


And as you step into who who you were born to be, and clear the blocks to your abundance you’ll naturally create more ease and flow in life.


What’s included?

Guided meditation and Flow Alignment Blueprint.

To be done in your own time before we have our first session, this will help you intuit how much or how little you are in flow in seven different areas of your life. It will draw out your limiting stories, gifts and an overview of what shaped you as the unique being you are, and help you get clear and focused on your intentions for our work together.


Three hour deep dive session.

The first session is a three hour deep dive where we go further into the vision of what’s truly possible for you beyond your current limitations. We’ll look at what’s keeping you stuck, start clearing some of the layers and you’ll receive specific guidance and energy exercises to practice before the next session.


1-2-1 sessions – two calls per month

All other sessions are approximately 60 minutes.

As this is a process of realignment and connection with Source, with which we are co-creating this transformation, it’s important to trust that whatever comes up in the session is exactly what is needed. Sometimes it may not seem connected to your intention, or make logical sense, but your Higher Self knows what it’s doing to help you release any blocks and get back into flow.

15 minute SOS calls

You will experience challenges – even when working with a coach – it’s part of the transformation process. But if you need extra support, or if you have a wobble between calls then we can jump on the phone for a 15 minute SOS to get you through whatever’s arising, whether that’s a mindset reframe, a quick bit of energy work or a check in with the guides to get some clarity and get you moving again.


All online sessions are recorded on mp3

I recommend you listen a number of times, firstly to practice any energy tools or guided processes you may have received, but also, this work is deep and you are unlikely to digest all levels of it in the session.


All sessions are done via Zoom video link, or – if you live close to Hertfordshire – may also be in person.

Contact me at to arrange a complimentary 45 minute ‘Possibility Call’ to see if these programmes are the right fit for you.