You did it!

So that’s it! Five days of consciously connecting with the Source inside you and pushing at your edges – well done!

It’s been such a pleasure to share my work with you. I know many of you have found it of value, so I would really appreciate hearing about your experiences and your main takeaways from The Flow Project by completing  this brief survey.

The recordings will be available until 11th March so you still have time to catch up on any days you missed, and please keep sharing anything that comes up for you by posting in the group.

Although I won’t be able to give as much time to being in the group as during the five days of the programme, please keep asking whatever questions come up for you. It really helps me to know what people need and want as I progress this work… ideas for a book keep unfolding!!!

I’ll do my best to answer.

If you find that life has suddenly become a whole lot more uncomfortable around you while you’ve been doing this work, be aware that it’s very likely to be the old patterns releasing.

It’s always darkest before the dawn, as the ego will throw all it can at you before it gives up. So if you find yourself distracted into dramas, relationship tussles, urgent issues, just notice if it’s taking your focus away from what you want for yourself, because that’s how it could win!

And if anyone wants to take this further with me for private issues that they’re not able to share in the group then feel free to book a complimentary connection call to see how working together could move you beyond your struggles and into flow.

Email me at

In the meantime, here are all the recordings from the last five days:

Day 1 of The Flow Project: Clarifying your vision and setting intentions

Day 2 of The Flow Project: Meeting your resistance

 Day 3 of The Flow Project: Pushing at your edges

 Day 4 of The Flow Project: Raise your vibration

Day 5 of The Flow Project: Live energy session (video)


To your extraordinary life!


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