Welcome to day one!

Are you ready for the journey?

Today I want to introduce you to my concept of FLOW and some of the premises which will give some context to this process so your mind is less resistant to change. And that will mean you’ll be able to align yourself with the natural flow of life more easily, so you can harness it and let it lift and carry you, rather than waste energy resisting it.
I’ll be sharing The Flow Process™ with you, which is a guided journey that connects you with the intelligence of your heart and the Source energy within you – your Unlimited Self, and with it you can release the blocks to receiving anything you truly desire.


Tasks to complete for day 1:
1. Listen to the introduction audio (12 mins) – access here.

2. Listen to The Flow Process (27 mins) – Access it here.

3. Complete the worksheet – download here.

4. Come on over to The Facebook group and acknowledge the day’s session by liking it, and sharing your vision.
(I know this might be a BOLD step for you, but by making it public it’s a declaration to the universe that you are committing to yourself and your dreams – a key step in the manifestation process)

So that’s it for day 1!

Thanks again for taking part and committing to the journey.

I’ll see you in the Facebook group!

To your transformation.
Much love,


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