Don't follow your feelings blindly, they can be misleading. But your body never lies.

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What do you do when you feel like you can’t be bothered to do something you’d planned (that you know could help someone), or you feel a need to renege on a commitment you’d made – to yourself or others?


Many sensitive people rely heavily on their feelings to make powerful, aligned choices. But if you follow your feelings blindly, without digging deeper at times, your feelings can actually lead you off your highest path.


These feelings aren’t from your heart, and are more about staying comfortable – the domain of the ego!


So don’t let your ego trick you into thinking you are following your true feelings.


But how do you tell the difference? It can be so confusing!


In this video I’m sharing a useful process that I used to motivate myself to do this live stream on Facebook when ‘I wasn’t feeling like doing it.’ It gave me a lot of insight and clarity so I could take aligned action.


And from the comments I received it seemed to resonate a lot with people who saw it.


I hope it will help you.


Video: Don't follow your feelings blindly – they can be misleading

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Ways to reconnect with yourself and trust your self knowing

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And playing with group energy is highly transformational. It multiplies the impact exponentially.


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