About me

Hi there, I’m Cathy. I help you create more abundance and flow in your life and work through your using your incredible spiritual power.

I work with inspiring individuals who have an inner calling to make a difference and lead change, or who simply have a deep desire to grow, to be happy, productive and the best they can be.

People come to me because they feel stuck, have fear or blocks to creating more of what they want in their lives, and can’t see the way ahead – whether that’s in their finances, their relationships, their work life or their wellbeing.

I believe you have everything you need within you to create the abundance, joy and fulfilment you desire and deserve. As an experienced Higher Consciousness channel I safely assist you to access your own Higher Guidance and Inner Knowing to achieve this.

This work is very grounded and practical and not at all fluffy!

From that place of Power it’s surprisingly easy to rapidly eliminate abundance blocks, confusion and inner resistance and re-align with the flow of life, so you can see, believe, and step into bigger possibilities for your life and business.


Cathy Ballard – Spiritual Business Mentor


Why I do what I do

For as long as I can remember I’ve been insatiably curious about what makes us tick as humans.

When I was young I had a crippling fear of people, and a debilitating inferiority complex. I desperately wanted to feel more confident and stronger, so in my early twenties I put on a back pack and started solo travelling.

I wasn’t exactly sure what I was looking for, but it was the start of my own personal journey of discovery.




While travelling I started receiving very clear intuitive guidance to buy one-way tickets to wherever this inner voice would tell me, and I’ve been following it for the last 25 years on a spiritual journey through many experiences and countries around the world.

I devoured all the knowledge I could about psychology, consciousness and spirituality, I did yoga, tai chi and meditation and many other therapies and spiritual practices that create profound, positive transformation.

Spiritual teachers in a number of countries have pronounced me “very pure”

Sometimes in India they even asked me to bless them!

I found it bizarre at the time, but I guess they saw something in me that I wasn’t yet aware of.


Discovery Centre - New Zealand


In New Zealand I helped build a consciousness centre, and co-ran it for over five years. It was there that I discovered I had a gift for helping people connect to their own intuition and inner power, and offered transformation work through 1-2-1 sessions, workshops, courses and retreats.

My clients got such profound results I could hardly believe my own eyes, and then it dawned on me that this was what those holy men had been seeing in me. I am a very pure and clear channel.

What that means is I bring through very high frequency energy and guidance that helps people see with absolute clarity what they want, what’s consuming their energy and focus, what needs to be let go of and the next steps on the path towards their potential.


To learn more about channeling click here, and for information about what blocks your clarity and stops you from receiving what you want, as well as what will clear your blocks, please read this article.


About me - personal development practices


My path has been a pretty convoluted one since those backpacking days. I’ve run a graphic design and branding business, I’m an experienced EFT and NLP practitioner, a Reiki master, I’ve studied kinesiology, Journey Work and I’m a Vipassana meditator.

Now my core work is based around aligning with the Flow of Life and the Intelligence of the Universe that will always carry you towards your potential, and clearing your abundance blocks through a transformational energy method I’ve created called ‘The Flow Process’.

One of my gifts is to make profound spiritual truths and esoteric knowledge understandable, grounded and practical.

I get huge satisfaction helping people develop this awareness so they can move past their fears and limitations, live happy lives, achieve great things and make a difference – just by being themselves.

I’m currently based in the UK, just outside London. I give talks and free online energy alignment webinars, I have a Youtube channel, I facilitate workshops, and I work with clients in person and online globally through group programs, 1-2-1 mentoring and private sessions.


If you’re ready to do the inner work I can help you make rapid  transformation. Contact me now and let’s arrange a time to talk.


To your transformation,

Much love

Cathy x