Make 2018 your year for abundance!

When you hear the word ‘abundance’, do you think just of money and material things? Most people do.

Real abundance, though, is a blend of a few things:

  • Being deeply happy with who you are.
  • Trusting in the mysteries of life to be in your favour.
  • A sense of unlimited possibility and magic.
  • Being willing to receive EVERYTHING that comes to you.


Because when you integrate these into your life, you feel supported by a greater force, you stay connected to your underlying joy no matter what your circumstances are, and financial abundance is a natural side effect.

But, YES, it's challenging! 

No one's taught you how to do this.

What if it’s totally possible, though?

What if you can be happy within yourself and trust the Universe to have your back?

What if you had a bag of magical tools to work through anything that blocks your flow of abundance, so you could make 2018 your best year yet?

I wouldn’t blame you if you said, “that's not possible”. It’s common thinking, after all.

But if it piques your curiosity even just a bit, I’m inviting you into an experience that will show you how real it can be.

Once you’ve experienced it, you won’t want to go back because it’s in that amazing space that miracles, magic and abundance really kick into high gear.  

Curious how we’re going to make it all happen? 

Read on...!


'Activate Abundance' is a day-long workshop to feel what it’s like to be in your Greatness, to make decisions from that expansive space and to know how to reconnect when you’ve dropped out of it.

Doing that consistently means you naturally align with the flow of abundance that's waiting for you to receive it.

Here's what I've got lined up for you.

In this highly experiential workshop, you’ll learn:

  • How to expand your awareness of energy so you can work with it to create the life you desire.
  • Why Love and Fear are at the very core of everything you do, and how to flip contracted, fear-based thoughts to more loving and powerfully creative ones.
  • How to release resistance and open up to receiving.
  • To connect to Divine Guidance so you’ll know what the right next step is for you.
  • An easy process to use whenever you need it so you can break free of small-ness, step into a grander vision for your life and make powerful, aligned choices.
  • How being in the energy of playfulness will open you up to the fresh and the new.

"Amazing day! It really helped me to clarify where and why I am stuck, and how to move forwards.

I loved the meditations and found them really helpful and insightful, bringing quite a few light bulb moments, and I feel like I have taken away some powerful, and very useful tools."

Eleanor Hatherley

Here’s how it’s going to flow:

We will be meeting at Loudwater Farm on Saturday, 20th January. A beautiful, peaceful venue in a natural setting close to Rickmansworth, south Hertfordshire.
The day will run from 9.00am to 4.30pm, starting with gathering in the kitchen for registration and a cup of tea.

We will be an intimate group – Maximum 12 people – and because this is about playing with energy, developing inner awareness and staying in flow, we'll work with whatever each person brings to the space, so the structure of the day will be loose, but will include: 

  • Background context so you understand at a mental level what it means to be an Infinite Being in physical form, and how it's actually possible to create anything you truly desire from this awareness.
  • Guided meditation to help you see a bigger vision for your life.
  • Practical exercises and energy work to directly experience, know and intuitively respond from your Greatness.
  • Clearing processes to release energetic blocks to receiving abundance.
  • Exploring what it really means to Ask – Believe – Receive.
  • Learning simple energy tools and mindset shifts that you can use in all different areas of your life and work.

"I experienced a big, but gentle shift. It was wonderful to experience being in my high vibrational state and has reminded me that this is what I loved doing in our 1-2-1 programme in the first place.

I learned some wonderful tools, and the talks about quantum physics and the principles of flowing abundance were super helpful."

Abi Omonua

Before I forget, let me
introduce myself...

I'm Cathy, I'm a transformation coach, spiritual teacher, guide and channel.

I help spiritual change-makers experience a greater flow of abundance by working with Source Consciousness to access the Greatness within them, so they can expand beyond what they currently believe is possible.

Why choose me to do this (pretty major) transformation work?

I’m able to bring through very high frequency energy and intuitively ask the right questions so you see with absolute clarity what you want, what is consuming your energy and focus, what needs to be let go of, and the next steps on the path towards your potential. 
Plus I'm delighted to have the fabulous ability to attract really awesome people to workshops, where everyone feels very safe, supported, connected and free to express exactly who they are, which is how such deep transformations take place.

The details...
The cost for the day is £97.

Date: Saturday 20th January 2018

Time: 9.00am to 4.30pm

Maximum places: 12

Venue: Loudwater Farm, Loudwater Lane, Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire, WD3 4HG

Lunch: You will need to bring a packed lunch as the secluded venue is not near any cafés and restaurants. Light refreshments will be provided.

Is this for you?

YES if you want to know how easy it is to connect to your True Self and act from that place of expansiveness.

YES if you want to know how to get back there quickly when you've veered off course. 

YES if you would like to discover the BIG ILLUSION and the lies you've bought into that keep you stuck and small.

YES if you want a fun day, expanding your consciousness and learning tools that will last a lifetime.

YES if you want to leave a different person than when you walked in the door!

"Thank you for creating this beautiful space to explore our internal world. I feel fantastic! I feel very energised, and have been buzzing and so productive since!

I loved the meditations, which helped me release a major money block, and it was great sharing with the group, hearing from everyone and I resonated with a lot of other peoples’ experiences. I loved the ease of the day – no rushing – just good energy!"

Tracey Corlett

Any questions?

I absolutely LOVE this work, and if you feel the call of your Soul and Spirit to play and explore what's POSSIBLE for YOU, I would love you to come and join me.

Read below what others thought about the last workshop.

If there's anything else you need to know simply email me at

I look forward to helping you Activate YOUR Abundance.

Much love,

"It was such a fantastic day! It was enjoyable, well paced and insightful. I got great clarity about how to use my body energy consciously. The next day I felt very connected with the world around me and could feel that a shift had taken place.

The meditations were knock out, amazing! It was fascinating to be able to access what felt like the clear voice of Higher Guidance.
A refreshing alternative to connect to what’s real and align with nature and universal energies. I will want to do more!"

Mike Ward

"I found the exercises and meditations powerful and transforming, and it felt like a really safe space.

My key revelations and learnings were to trust the sensations and feelings of my body, recognise that some beliefs and thoughts may not be my own, and can be released, and that I can create what I want by directing my feelings.
Overall the day was magical! Thank you."

Lynne Stainthorpe

"Great food for thought! I loved the meditations! I left with easy tools for energy work, more clarity and a sense of purpose and a feeling of joy and lightness. Thank you, Cathy!"

Anna Wolridge

"Great workshop, which will help me manage my stress and improve my energy for my work and my family"

Suparna Dhar

"Thank you, Cathy! You helped me realise what my blocks are and showed me how to remove them. I got clarity and now I’m looking forward to applying all the techniques in my day to day practice. Huge help!"

Martina Vanikova

"I was able to let go of a big block on the workshop, and I could tell it was gone because it no longer felt important. The workshop has helped me let go of the need to force things. It showed me how to choose the vibrational frequency I need to be to create my desires, the difference between my small self and infinite self, and was a great reminder to reconnect."

Michelle Brooks

"I really enjoyed the exercises and meditations, and attending this workshop has allowed me to identify my blocks and what I need to do to overcome them."

Michelle Ellis

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